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Global Talent management

Global Talent management

Onboarding für Senior Executives

Customized workshops and coaching formats for successful onboarding

An e-learning with two tasks

Development of an individual e-learning for a cultural transformation

Virtual Leadership Conference

Larrge scale virtual event as a joint launch for a leadership initiative

HR Conference "Future of Work"

Global and hybrid future conference

Bottom-Up Ideation Process

More speed and dynamics in processes and decisions

Corporate Values and Working Principles

Development of new corporate values and working principles

E-Learning during Change

Development of an e-learning for executives during a change process

Rollout Team Workshops

Large Scale Rollout of Team Workshops in a Change Process

Agile Leadership Journey

Development of a leadership development program for agile transformation

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Claudia 94 A0920 5

Claudia Hammer-Hewstone


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Robert stulle gr

Robert Stulle

Senior Consultant

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M Ario Villarejo Peralta2

Mario Villarejo

Senior Consultant

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Gabriele Schallenmüller

Gabriele Schallenmüller

Senior Consultant

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Natascha Rodrigues 23 kl

Dr. Natascha Rodrigues

Senior Consultant

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Alexa 94 A0133 3

Alexa Schomburg


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01 Rica Sander

Rica Sander


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fgi joins HR Path

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leadership Development Program „Courageous Inclusion“

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